Regular bus to Torres del Paine

We offer regular buses to Torres del Paine scheduled mornings and afternoons:

Morning schedule
07:30 hrs

Arrival to the park

09:45 Hrs
10:45 Hrs
11:45 Hrs


13:00 Hrs
13:30 Hrs
14:30 Hrs


Arrival to the park

Laguna Amarga


Laguna Amarga

Afternoon schedule 14:30 hrs

Arrival to the park

16:30 Hrs
17:30 Hrs
18:00 Hrs


18:00 Hrs
19:00 Hrs
19:45 Hrs

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Special services

We offer tours to the Milodon Cave and Full Day to Torres del Paine:

General Conditions of Service

  1. When purchasing your ticket you have to verify that this clearly indicates your requests, that is the date, time and drop-off; alternatively, any complaint will be accepted if misunderstandings of this type occur.
  2. Every passenger must show his or her ticket when getting on the bus, otherwise he or she will not be allowed to travel.
  3. You cannot board the bus if your ticket is not previously checked with the corresponding date and time.
  4. Blank, torn, illegible or falsified tickets will not be accepted.
  5. The passenger has to show up in time; at most 25 minutes before the bus leaves.
  6. Confirmations and changes in time and date will be exceptionally made in our offices only; not via e-mail, phone call or other.
  7. Make sure you meet the four-hour- time of anticipation to change either the date or time of your ticket.
  8. In case you decide not to travel, you can go to our office and contact the operator so he or she schedules a new date or leaves the ticket in blank. You can also ask for a refund extending to 85% of the purchase, as long as you do so within the four hours before the bus departs. If this is not case, the ticket will remain invalid.
  9. The company is not responsible for arrival delays caused by weather conditions.
  10. The company is not responsible for lost items or accidentally left inside the bus.
  11. The arrival time might vary due to unexpected events.
  12. According to the Law, seats Nº1,2,3,4 are occupied by the handicapped. In some cases you will have to give up your seat.